About Suspekt

Suspekt is a dedicated blog towards fostering a safer online space by educating internet users (individuals and companies) on the risks associated with hacking, phishing and other cybersecurity crimes. Based on Statistica, an approximate of 525 million dollars are lost in 2019 as a result of cyber crimes.

Mind you, this figure is based on publicly reported cases.

Suspekt aims to help by providing in-depth resources on ways to avoid these cybersecurity crimes as well as how to deal with it in occasions where you have became a victim of such activities.

That said, fighting cyber crimes aren’t cheap since you most probably need to invest in tools and software such as VPN, antivirus software, etc. Suspekt reviews all of these necessary tools to make sure you don’t waste money on ineffective solutions.

Founded by Stefan Esser

Suspekt was founded by Stefan back in 2002. Over the years, Stefan has been a great contributor in terms of exposing security threats and bugs to help both users and developers to better deal with these problems.

Sadly, this website was partially abandoned since 2014 as there was a lack of financial resources and time.

However, deep down, Stefan knew how important Suspekt is to the public and decided to relaunch this online security blog in 2020. This time around, the focus is more user-centric with the intention to help as many people as possible.

Articles posted will now be less technical and more user-friendly to facilitate the learning process of our readers.