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MobiStealth is another intermediate spy app that offers most of the basic features a competitive spy app would offer. With much more affordable pricing and packages, you can expect this spy app one of the easiest choice to settle for. Its intuitive surveillance features allows you to check every element of a device’s activity. Anything ranging …

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Spyic Review in 2021 – A Comprehensive Guide

Mobile phone monitoring apps are an important tool that can help parents keep an eye on their children and employers to monitor their employees’ usage with their business phones. Whether you’re searching for a phone monitoring app online, you’ll find a great variety of options available these days.  Among all the mobile trackers and the competition, …

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9 Best Snapchat Monitoring Apps Review (2021)

If you are a parent of a teenager, you may be reading this with the big question, “can I actually monitor someone’s Snapchat app and track all activities?”, the answer is yes.

With the dangers of boundary-less access on social media platforms, cyber predators are lurking around to find a victim, cyberbullying is rampant and teenagers are exposed to a number of unhealthy content.

Therefore, parental control is important for the protection of your kids. We have put together the Best Snapchat Monitoring Apps in this article for those who want to monitor the Snapchat activity of their kids’ account.

Obviously, you could also use these spy apps to monitor any Snapchat accounts, including your significant other, employees or any accounts of interest.

How to monitor Snapchat activity effectively as a parent, spouse or employer

As discussed in my quick summary below, the best method to effectively monitor all activities on the Snapchat app is to leverage the spy apps that we will be listing down below. These apps will track and record all activities – messages, snaps, calls, etc. Best of all, they are safe to use and affordable.

30 Seconds Summary: My Top Recommendation For Snapchat Monitoring

mSpy – I have personally tested most, if not all, of the apps that can monitor Snapchat activities effectively. I can tell you from experience that mSpy is probably the best Snapchat spy app if you are looking for the most comprehensive option at an affordable price. Not to mention that most so-called spy app softwares are scams – they either don’t work as advertised or simply don’t reply to any of your messages.

mSpy is very different though. Their customer support is top notch and they will try their very best to make the app work for you. With over 2000+ positive reviews, you can’t go wrong.

With Memorial Day around the corner, mSpy is offering a special discount on all Premium Plan subscription to Suspekt readers. Click here to check price (discount applied automatically after clicking the link, valid only for a limited period of time). Don’t miss this special deal.

AppFeaturesEditor’s CommentRatingGet The Best Deal
mspy1. Best value for money
2. Powerful tracking features
3. 2000+ positive reviews
mSpy is probably the best Snapchat monitoring app you could ever get your hands on. It’s the most comprehensive option with multiple tiers available depending on your needs.10/10Check Current Price
spyic1. Best Android spy app
2. Packed with premium features
3. 1000+ positive reviews
An alternative to mSpy. If for whatever reason you couldn’t make mSpy work or you want tory a different app, then SpyIC is great. For the same level of value, SpyIC is slighly more expensive though.9.5/10Check Current Price
Flexispy1. Active since 2006
2. Great on both Android & iOS
3. 500+ positive reviews
Flexispy is one of the very first spy apps in the market. Functions are still great but user interface can be a little outdated.8.0/10Check Current Price
uMobix1. Great customer support
2. Top notch user interface
3. 100+ positive reviews
A new comer to the phone tracking / spying industry. Design and user interface is top notch.7.5/10Check Current Price

9 Best Snapchat Monitoring Apps – Spy Secretly on Snapchat

Our reviews will give you the following 9 solutions or tools to choose from for Snapchat monitoring. While Snapchat photos self-destruct in 10 seconds, parents will be able to retrieve the content even if the post was deleted. 

It is important to go through the monitoring features, pros and cons in order that you may take full advantage of the Snapchat spy app platform. Then, go for an option which meets the type of requirements you need best to keep an eye out for your children.  

1. mSpy

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Pros Cons 
  • Innovative dashboard 
  • Fast download and installation 
  • Intuitive user interface 
  • Consistent operation 
  • Jailbreak and root required 

The mSpy app is one of the best Snapchat spy apps for monitoring Snapchat. It is an application for monitoring target devices’ activity including a computer, tablet or mobile phone. Users will be able to securely view the various features of the app through a web-based dashboard, accessible via mobile device or computer. Useful features include monitoring SMS text messages, web browser or phone calls history and social media applications.

From the mSpy innovative dashboard, the specific features you will see are the information regarding the target device’s operating systems, whether the target device contains any root or jailbreak, available memory space, remaining battery life, model of mobile phone, and even provider of cellular service. This provides a useful overview of the device’s activity.  

Specifically for the Snapchat app, the spy on Snapchat feature is only available in the mSpy Premium package. With this you can monitor Snapchat text messages that have been sent and received, view all multimedia files on the target device and view the vanishing images from your control panel. You may also track important details like the time and date of outgoing Snapchat text messages.  

The fast installation and download of the app is one thing we appreciate. It takes only 5 minutes to set up this Snapchat spy app. Also, every 5 minutes, the information about all activities on the device will update remotely.

We also find the interface to be intuitive and recommend you to head over to their website to give the demo a try and see if you like it. One of the best parts about the mSpy application compared to the others is the consistently smooth operation. This means no crashing! By far one of the best monitoring app right here. 

Compatibility: iOS, need jailbreak; Android, need root 

Price: $119.99/3 months 

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2. Spyic

Pros Cons 
  • Spyic Ambient Recording feature
  • Access contact details on target device 
  • No rooting or jailbreaking required 
  • Unavailable for iOS devices 

Another famous spy for snapchat is the Spyic app. This has appeared on famous platforms such as Forbes and tom’s guide. For monitoring your kids’ Snapchat messages, pictures and even videos, simply choose the “Snapchat” button under the section of “Social Apps” from the Spyic dashboard.

The Spyic app runs in the background, operating in stealth mode so it stays invisible. This is of good help to parents who want to monitor the Snapchat activities of their children. It also allows for checking contact details including phone number and name.

Something unique that Spyic has in comparison to its competitors is the Ambient Recording feature. This way, parents who see Snapchat posts from their kids’ account and want to find out more about their whereabouts can use this feature to turn on the camera of the device and capture photos in secret. 

In addition, the voice recorder of the device can also be activated to hear the voices and phone surroundings. This feature makes spying easy for parents. For this reason, it is one of our favourite apps to use for Snapchat monitoring.   

For using the Spyic solution, you do not need to root or jailbreak the monitored device. The keylogger feature is also efficient to capture all the keystrokes on your kids’ device. This is one truly handy app for parents who want to monitor the Snapchat of their children anywhere. 

Unfortunately, the Spyic app is not available for iOS devices. However, apart from that, we did not find other problems with the Spyic app. To monitor Snapchat on Android, you will want to work with the Premium or Family package which offers Snapchat spying. They also come with call logs, browser history, texts, access to contacts, social media spying such as Facebook, Whatsapp and more.  

Compatibility: Android monitoring (no root)  

Price: Premium original price is $69.99/month but discounted at only $9.99/month; Family (for 3 devices) original price at $89.99/month but discounted at $69.99/month 

3. FamiSafe

Pros Cons 
  • Receive notifications when your kid crosses borders set by you 
  • Suspicious photos detection 
  • Block certain videos on Android devices and app blocker 
  • No need for jailbreak or root 
  • May not block certain apps on iPhone smartphones

Among the best Snapchat spy apps, FamiSafe brands themselves as the best reliable parental control app in the market because they specifically address the concerns that parents may have regarding the security of their child. This includes screen time controls, detection of inappropriate content on their device, and parents can even track real-time gps location. 

One unique part of this Snapchat spy app is that you can set a border for your child whereby whenever they cross that border, you will actually receive alerts. This way, you can enjoy a bit more peace of mind as a parent. 

Parents may also monitor any suspicious message such as sexting on social networks from the target device and detect any porn screenshot or media files in the phone gallery. For Android devices, you can even track Youtube history and block videos. You can also block risky apps on the smartphone. 

The down side of the Famisafe spy app is if you are an Apple user because the features to access on iOS are less than on Android. For example, the browser history, activity report and Youtube app control is not available for iOS. However, you can still use the main ones such as web filters, app blocker, detech Youtube content and suspicious pictures. 

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Kindle Fire tablets, Android and iOS devices  

Price: Three versions available – Monthly plan (up to 5 devices per account) for $9.99/month; Quarterly plan (up to 10 devices a month) for $6.66/month; Annual plan (up to 30 devices per account) for $4.99/month

4. CocoSpy Snapchat Monitoring Solution 

Pros Cons 
  • Operates stealthily 
  • No rooting monitoring solution 
  • Efficient location and web browser history tracking 
  • Slightly costly 
  • Cannot access Snapchat for non-jailbroken iOS 

CocoSpy is one of the leading Snapchat spy apps due to its performance, features as well it being affordable. It only takes simple steps to set up for monitoring Snapchat by following the instructions.. Step 1 is to create an account, Step 2 is to configure the target device following the instructions of Setup Wizard. The final step is to simply select “Snapchat” on the dashboard.

The dashboard is user friendly as well. You can start to track the Snapchat activities of your kids once data synchronization is completed. Furthermore, CocoSpy offers no root monitoring solution for the target device which is very handy for you.

If you would like to browse through the media files and phone gallery of your kids, CocoSpy app is able to facilitate that as well. Besides, you can use the keylogger feature to access any password and credentials of the target device.

The only two things we do not like about the app is that it is slightly costly for price range, and it cannot access Snapchat on non-jailbroken iOS devices. 

Compatibility Android and iOS but iOS must be jailbroken to monitor Snapchat 

Price: Premium version at $49.99/month which is the version allowing for Snapchat monitoring 

5. TheTruthSpy 

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