How to See Someones Text Messages Without Phone Access 2022

The smartphone is one of the most convenient and fastest communication tools available now that has allowed many to instant messages, make calls, and share media files with anyone, anywhere, any time. This convenience has also made meeting new people and cheating on your partner easier.

If you happen to have someone you care about deeply constantly being glued to their device’s screen texting away or if you’re just curious about who your child or partner is stuck on the phone talking with, then there’s a high chance that you have tried googling how to read someone’s text messages. A simple search online will reveal a ton of misleading results.

Yes, while it is certainly possible to read someone’s text messages without their phone, it’s not as easy as they make it out to be. Some of these solutions online claim that you’re able to remotely read someone’s text messages without installing an application but that only works with a target iPhone or iPad, not on an Android device.

Thankfully, there are companies out there who understand the frustration and have created dedicated smartphone spying apps so that you don’t have to go on a wild goose chase. In our article today, we will be going through some of the few methods that you can adopt to read someone’s text messages without them knowing.

How to Hack Text Messages Without Access to the Phone?

There are two ways for you to hack into someone’s phone to read their text message and it will depend on the operating system of the target phone. If you want to read a text message on an iPhone, fortunately, you do not need physical access to the phone nor download any software on it. All you need is their iCloud credentials. However, Android phone, on the other hand, will require physical access to it initially for about 5 minutes just to set up spy apps.

Spy apps are great tools to help you read and keep tabs on someone’s text messages or smartphone activity at your convenience. It doesn’t matter where your target is, the spy app is able to reliably retrieve all information and upload them onto a cloud server where you can access and read it any time you like. All you need to read someone’s text messages and track their smartphone usage is just 10 minutes of physical access with their phone to install the spy app. Once the installation is complete, you’ll be able to monitor all their text messages online via the online control panel. In addition to reading their text messages without their phone, you can also use the spy app to monitor instant messaging apps, call logs, photos, and even your target’s location.

How to Hack and Read Text Message Without Access or Installing Software on iPhone?

The Apple company has made their iOS devices and mobile phones to be incredibly secure. While spy apps can help you intercept a text message and have it sent to your phone, you don’t necessarily need them just to read messages on the phone. Every iPhone comes with an iCloud account where the user can back up all their information in. All you need is to know the login credentials to the iCloud account and the spying app will help you pull any information backed up from the mobile phone onto the online dashboard.

In addition to letting you read messages, you can also use this method to reach iMessages, messages sent via chat apps, web browser history, phone calls, and other information stored on the phone.

Here are the steps to hack someone’s iPhone without installing software:

  • Step 1: Sign up for an account with a spy app.
  • Step 2: Enter the iCloud account credentials of the phone user. You may need to intercept the code if the target has 2F authentication enabled.
  • Step 3: Once that’s settled, the app will begin pulling all the information of the phone’s data from the cloud for you to view any time in your online dashboard.

How to Hack and Read Text Messages on Android Phones?

As mentioned earlier, hacking an Android mobile phone is not as straight forward as hacking an iPhone. Unfortunately, you’ll need access to the target mobile phones for installing software. Here are the steps you need to hack Android phones:

  • Step 1: Sign up for an account with a spy app.
  • Step 2: Unlock the target phone and download the spy app.
  • Step 3: Update all security instructions and allow whatever permission it requests for.
  • Step 4: Once that’s settled, the app will begin pulling all the information of the phone’s data for you to view any time in your online dashboard.

How To See Someones Text Messages Without Them Knowing?

Yes, you can read someone’s text messages without them ever knowing and you might not even need to install any software. You won’t need to install a software onthe target phone if it’s an iPhone or iOS device as mentioned above. However, the bad news for spying on an Android phone is that you’ll need to get your hands on it to install the app directly on the target device. This can prove to be quite tricky since getting a hold of someone’s phone to intercept their messages can be challenging, especially for someone who doesn’t let go of their phone.

How to Read Text Messages on Someone’s iPhone?

If the target you want to spy on is using an iPhone, then you’re in luck. Being able to hack someone’s text messages from another phone is a very powerful tool. And it’s even better if you can set it all up without ever touching the phone.

How to Read Someone Else’s Text Messages on an Android?

The above non-physical access method only works for iOS. Intercepting a text message on Androids is more difficult since they do not have an automatic backup feature to an iCloud equivalent. That means you’ll need to install a text message tracked directly on the phone, which means you’ll need access to someone else’s phone for at least a few minutes.

How to Get Text Messages from a Target Device Sent to Mine?

A phone spy software will give you access to plenty of information on the target phone, not just text messages. All of the recorded data will be sent to your phone or any device through an online control panel. Once you log into the control panel, you’ll be able to see everything that happened on the phone.

From an iPhone

To have text messages from an iPhone sent to yours, you’ll need to first have a spying app and the iCloud credentials of the target. Once the user’s credentials are keyed into the software, it will begin extracting all their data into your control panel.

From an Android

To have text messages from an Android sent to yours, you’ll need to have a spying app as well. But you’ll also need to install the software directly into the phone, which means you’ll need a few minutes of access to the device.

Best Spy Apps to Read SMS Messages or Text Messages from Another Phone Without Their Knowledge

1. mSpy


mSpy is a popular mobile phone spy app that has helped many with their monitoring needs and is a great choice for reading someone’s text messages without alerting them. Not only is the spy app easy to use, but it is compatible with multiple operating systems/devices including Android, iOS, and PCs for a more thorough monitoring job.

In addition to allowing you to read someone’s text messages online, you can also use the spy app to check social media chats from social media apps like Whatsapp, Snapchat, Telegram, Tinder, Hangouts, Line, and Facebook Messenger.

The phone spy app even has a geo-fencing feature with the ability for you to preset certain “safe zones” for the target phone and the app will instantly notify you when it detects your target leaving any particular territory. The app will then track the target’s GPS location for you to check where they’re heading. However, do take note that the GPS location tracking data is only available if the cell phone is connected to the internet.

mSpy also has excellent customer support that will give you quick and efficient solutions 24/7. Although they have a refund policy, the company gives you a 14-days money-back guarantee free trial for you to decide whether it’s suitable for you before committing. Overall, mSpy is a very comprehensive spy app to help you spy on who your target is texting without them knowing.

2. KidsGuard Pro

Those who want to read someone’s text messages for free will love the KidsGuardPro for iOS devices. This is one of the best free spying apps that can scan and extract backup files of your target’s text messages without them knowing. Once you’ve set up the spy app, the software will automatically memorize your target’s phone and update the backup automatically whenever they connect the target iPhone to the computer.

The KidsGuard Pro text messages tracker is a very handy tool for reading someone’s text messages to see who your target is texting without physically accessing the phone. The app also works well on Android or iOS device. Below are the installation steps if your target uses an iPhone.

3. Spyic

Another quick and hassle-free way to intercept text messages from your target without touching their phone is via Spyic. This spying app allows you to remotely track and read your partner’s text messages or girlfriend’s text messages without physical access to the iOS phone or even going near it. Some top reasons to try out the Spyic web app include easy setup that can be done remotely, does not require technical knowledge thanks to an easy and clear interface, does not require jailbreaking the target iOS device, is trusted by more than a million people from 190+ countries, and it’s also affordable!

The software also helps you catch cheating partners by tracking their web browser history. You can check which websites your partner has been accessing throughout the day. Other than that, the app also tracks the target’s location with the phone’s GPS location tracking functionality for you to know where and when your partner/spouse is.

Other than that, the Spyic app is also a true-blue ghost app for Android and iPhone devices since it operates invisibly once it’s set up by allowing you to hide the spying app icon. All this means that you can track text messages without them knowing and also, you don’t have to worry about having to go through the complicated rooting process for it to work on a target Android phone.

4. uMobix

uMobix is a new spying app that’s designed to perform exactly how you expect it to do. Despite being relatively new to the spying industry, uMobix is equipped with all the necessary features and functionality to help you check on your target’s text messages without them knowing.

In addition to letting you intercept text messages without their phone, uMobix can also be used to monitor phone logs, calls, contact lists, photos, videos, internet usage, and location – all with just one single app. One of the most impressive features of the uMobix app is that it has a very advanced Keylogging functionality to accurately record every keystroke made on your target’s phone.

Yes, many other apps have this feature as well but they certainly do not perform as well as uMobix. The company has paid a lot of attention to designing and creating an excellent keylogger that’s able to accurately track every single word typed into your target’s phone. The app even reveals the date and timestamp of each keystroke recorded.

You can even use the monitoring software to read instant messages without them knowing to check who they’re texting with via social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Tinder, Zoom, TikTok, Viber, Telegram, WeChat, etc. On top of that, you can even take a quick screenshot of your target’s phone from time to time to see what they’re doing on their phone.

5. Highster Mobile

Next on our list is another powerful monitoring software that’s designed to help you read someone’s text messages without access to their phone. Designed for both iOS and Android devices, this app comes packed with plenty of spying features to make it easy for you to check up on your target’s phone and intercept text messages.

Highster Mobile is effective at tracking and recording all phone activity before uploading them onto the online control panel that you have full access to. You can also check and view all uploaded information via any internet-ready browser. All you need to do is just key in your login details and all the info will be displayed neatly on the dashboard.

Texting and calling are the top most popular forms of communication in today’s era which is why the spying software also gives you full access to read all incoming and outgoing SMS text messages and call logs from your target phone. The app also gives details such as the number of calls and the duration of each phone call that happened on the phone. The most impressive feature is that it lets you record the call so that you can listen to it at a later time.

In addition to giving you access to your target’s text messages, Highster Mobile is smart enough to scan the text messages and detect certain phrases like “let’s meet” or “is your girlfriend at home?”. Once it detects such phrases from incoming and outgoing messages, it will automatically send you a notification so that you can check out what’s happening instantly.

The app also utilizes high-tech GPS technology to accurately pinpoint where your target is so that you are always up-to-date on their real-time location. The phone tracker also stores the location history of your target, so that you can track where and when your partner/child was at.

Alternative Tricks to Read Someone’s Messages

The spy apps listed above are reliable and trustworthy. But if you want to expand your options or other methods to make an informed decision, here are a few other alternatives that you can consider to check someone’s text messages.

Checking Their Phone Yourself

Of course, grabbing and checking their messages is easy, quick, and completely free. But, more often than not, they would’ve deleted any trace of evidence and you won’t find anything fishy on it. This is where spy apps do a good job of instantly backing up any messages or info before it gets deleted so that you can read their text messages later at a convenient time.

Hiring a Professional Hacker

Another way that you can check someone’s text messages without their phone is by engaging a hacker to retrieve their private phone’s data. However, this method comes with a lot of risks. Most hackers may not be genuine and they will ask for upfront payment before doing anything. This opens you up to getting conned as they could just run away with your money. Even if they do hack the phone for you, they might misuse the data on your target’s handphone and land you in more trouble than you began with. The worst is if they’ve found something to blackmail you with.

Comparison of the Different Methods to Intercept Text Messages From a Cell Phone

Spy Software

  • Success Rate: High
  • Cost: Medium
  • Risk: Low
  • Secrecy from your Target: High
  • Data Breach Chances; Low

Checking His Phone

  • Success Rate: Medium
  • Cost: Free
  • Risk: High
  • Secrecy from your Target: Very Low
  • Data Breach Chances: None

Professional Hacker

  • Success Rate: Low due to high fraud
  • Cost: High
  • Risk: Very high
  • Secrecy from your Target: High
  • Data Breach Chances: High


Even though there are plenty of ways for you to read someone’s text messages without their phone, not all spying apps might be really effective. We have gone through a few different spying software and have shortlisted some of the best spy apps available to help you keep an eye on your relationship. Each app has its own unique pros and cons, so you’ll need to evaluate which is best for you based on your needs. In addition to that, we have also included other alternatives that you can take to keep track of your target’s text messages.

Among the intercept text messages spy apps available on the market, our top pick would be mSpy for you to easily track and read someone’s text messages on their cell phone without physical access. Regardless of which one you choose, we hope today’s article has given you sufficient information and detail to decide on which is the best step to help monitor your partner’s phone without touching his cell phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install the spy software remotely?

While there are a few apps that let you monitor a phone without access to it, most spying apps will require access to the target device to be installed.

Can smartphone monitoring apps be detected?

No, most smartphone text messages spy apps cannot be detected. The apps will hide their icon and run in the background to collect information and data without draining the target device battery or slowing the cell phone down. This means that the entire operation is hidden from your target.

Are spying apps safe?

The list of spying software presented in our article today is safe to use. In fact, they have served thousands if not more than a million satisfied users. This itself is a testament to their reliability and trustworthiness. Overall, tracking apps are safer than hiring hackers as you never know what the hackers would do with the information on your target’s phone. It could even be worse if the hacker decides to use the information to blackmail you.

Is it legal to read someone’s text messages?

The short answer is yes, you can read someone’s messages by installing software on the phone if you own the phone. Using a text message tracker on your partner or another adult withot letting them know if not legal.

Similarly, if you own a company and use a free SMS tracker on your employee’s phone, you’ll need to notify them that they are being monitored. However, notifying them of your surveillance activity will most likely eliminate most unwanted behavior anyway and you may not even need to get a text message spying feature for it.

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