How to Hack A Cell Phone to Read Text Messages

It is no longer difficult for you to learn how to hack a cell phone, at least it is not as difficult as how it used to be. We know that there are plenty of reasons why you find the need to monitor someone’s cell phone. Perhaps you want to know who they are talking to, or who they are texting with? Worry not, you are not alone in wanting to find out more. 

In these modern days, almost everyone depends on Instant Messengers or SMS text messaging channels for communication. The user age group range from young children to grandparents and the vast majority of the messages are just an indication of human nature being sociable. However, many of the times this is not purely for socialization.

At times, people stay on the phone when they are not supposed to. For instance, they are in the middle of work or while they are driving. At times, some folks will use these communication tools to cheat on their partners. In fact, there are many more reasons that drive you to know more about what is the context and who is responding at the receiving end.

So, we are going to dive deep into how to hack a cellphone to read the text messages without physical access to the target phone. Let us introduce a couple of tools to successfully achieve this without them knowing because some of these tools will allow you to review all of their messages in an online dashboard, you can forward it to your own mobile phone

The Purpose of Achieving Remote Control Over Someone’s Mobile Phone

As we mentioned above, there are simply too many reasons why you would want to be able to hack a cell phone, whether for the sake of looking at someone’s text messages online or checking on their whereabouts on your phone. Let us walk you through some of the top functions.  These statements are applicable to both iPhones and Android phones.

To Catch a Cheating Partner Using a Hidden SMS Tool

If you find yourself in an unfortunate position where your significant other might be unfaithful, you can utilize technology to collect the evidence for your confrontation. It is regrettable to learn that the convenience of digital communication has become an accessory in the disloyalty, but you can definitely know who exactly your partner is texting with by hacking his phone.

In fact, this solution will not only allow you to read their current conversations and the other party’s contact information, but you may also even restore deleted text messages and social media conversations through this particular tool. All of the information can be downloaded and stored in your online dashboard for your convenience of viewing it at any time you want.

To Read a Child’s Text Messages Without Them Noticing

We have realized this is one of the most frequently asked questions we get, for all parents are burning with worries when they do not have the ability to monitor their children’s messages and the activities on their social media platforms. Many parents wish to secretly monitor their children so that the kids are not going to throw tantrums over this action.

Lucky for you, there are a few spying software like TeenSafe which is designed for this purpose. This elegant solution allows you to keep tabs on your kids’ SMS texts or iMessages and even the phone’s location. This will be great if you do not intend to restrict your kids’ freedom but you want to know exactly where they are for safety purposes.

You may even read their conversations on Facebook Messenger and you can also monitor one of the most popular social media platforms, Snapchat. This app is well-liked by many youngsters as they were under the impression of all the pictures and videos uploaded will disappear after 24hours so they might be tempted to be extra daring with their choices.

To Spy on Someone’s Whatsapp Messages

You might be surprised by how some of these software packages allow you to view chat messages from many popular social communication platforms, including WhatsApp. WhatsApp is undeniably one of the most commonly used applications when people want to send and receive instant messages.

In addition to normal functions like location tracking and text monitoring features, you can simply sign in to the control panel and choose WhatsApp from the list of target phone apps. You will then be able to view all the sent and received messages as well as see the person who initiated all these conversations. You can even obtain the contact details of the person.

Besides, you will see any images or videos that are transferred using the Whatsapp platform. From there, you can observe if there are any unusual images or videos, and you can select the option to forward this information to your own phone or computer.  

To Monitor All the Images and Videos on Snapchat 

You have definitely heard of Snapchat even if you do not own an account. It is another famous social media platform that youngsters used for sharing images and videos. Yet, it has been abused just like many other texting apps. If you get to monitor the user’s Snapchat account, you will be able to know exactly how is it being used.

When you are reviewing the activities on Snapchat, you will see exactly what the target device user is seeing. It gives an almost real-time update and your presence will not be realized. All the messages, images and videos that are sent or received will be available for you to browse in the online dashboard when you have successfully hack into the target phone.

To Track and Monitor the Target Device’s Location

Aside from monitoring text messages, you will find the tracking ability in monitoring software. For example, mSpy will enable you to monitor the GPS coordinates of the cell phone on its control panel. 

It is easily attainable as long as the location is enabled. However, this too can be achieved without having to install any software on the target phone by sharing the target device’s GPS location via Find My Friends app. 

This tracking feature is considerably powerful because it permits you to create safe zones for your children. Additionally, you can monitor all your employees by being alerted when they are not situated where they are supposed to be. This geofencing technology comes in handy when you intend to keep tabs on your partner if you suspected him to be cheating on you.

To Monitor the Cell Phone’s Browsing History

This is one useful option as you can review what your children are searching online, or you may be able to track if your employees have been procrastinating by browsing random websites for their own leisure. You will be able to protect your kids from engaging in dangerous online activities and improve the productivity rate of your employees through this monitoring.

You can review browsing history rather effortlessly because all you have to do is going over to the online dashboard and select web browsing history. The record will be shown before you and you can tell what kind of websites have been visited at the selected time frame. From there, you can decide on how to talk to your children or employee.

How to Intercept and Read Someone’s Text Messages?

The capability to read someone’s text messages without having to install any software on their phones will need you to access all the necessary information stored in the cloud. It is typically possible to access information in this manner, even if you have no physical access to the target phone. You shall be prepared because you will be looking at quite a remarkable amount of data.

When you decided to hack a cell phone using this type of hacking tools, you will grant yourself the ability to intercept text messages from another phone, too. Nevertheless, you get to see who they have called, their Facebook Messenger conversations, their Snapchats stories, the phone’s updated location, and more. Most of the spyware works perfectly fine regardless of the phone brands and they are usually made to be compatible with most mobile operating systems.  

We have picked our favorite monitoring tool, which is Spyfone. Its capabilities are comparable with mSpy. Though we love the affordability of mSpy, it is undeniable that Spyfone holds a place in the industry standards and also, our hearts.

Retrieve the Target Phone’s Messages Without Installing Software

Nowadays, people of all ages including you and me, everyone uses text messaging to communicate. This is one of the best ways to get the information you need if you intend to find out what’s going on behind your back without the user realizing it. You can even see all the deleted messages because of the monitoring software. 

Besides, getting a cell phone monitoring tool will allow you to read the target device’s text messages without the installation of the particular software on it. You can see a lot of information through the online dashboard and you can observe pretty much every single copy communication in the target phone.

Most importantly, the deleted message will all be archived so you will be able to view it without any issue. You can also find out the details of the message sender, date and time. We believe the monitoring software will provide you the assurance that you will see everything, which includes Apple’s iMessage.

It is normally not as easy to hack someone’s phone since most of the times you will need to have access to install the software on the phone. Many people, especially the folks with something to hide, tend to carefully guard their phones 24/7. Although some spy apps require direct installation on the target phone. We do have options where you can remotely set up the spyware. However, there are several things you will need: 

First and foremost, you will need to obtain the target phone’s iCloud credentials if you are looking at an iPhone or any other iOS device. The iCloud credentials are typically the email address and password the user uses on their iTunes. It is safe to say that without all these you will need to physically access the target device instead.

Secondly, the automatic backups in the device must be enabled by the user ie. everything in the device is properly synchronized to iCloud. When you allowed the sync function, this process will happen on a daily basis. That is the catch with iPhone hacking. If this setting is not turned on,  you will not be able to get any updated information even if you have their credentials in possession. 

There a few spy apps out there which permit you to hack someone’s phone secretly without installing software, and by far we have picked one of our favorites, mSpy.  This spyware offers both a hacking method that uses the iCloud backup and a package that can be installed on the target device without knowing.

Monitor From Your Own Phone

One of the nicest features of this particular hacking software is that it allows you to hack your target device from your phone. All you need to do is simply log in to your online dashboard at a remote location and you can view almost everything from the target phone. You should be at ease since the dashboard is extremely easy to use and it will work on any brand of smartphone.

Monitor From Your Own Computer

If you do not enjoy checking things on limited screen space, mSpy comes with the capability to monitor the target phone using your computer. You may sign in to your dashboard on your computer to stop your eyes from feeling strained. 

The web-based dashboard will work on both Windows and Mac machines and the functionalities provided are the same in the mobile version you see on your phone. 

Remotely Hack an iPhones or any iOS Device

Here’s a quick overview of how this software work. These days, all the smartphones will have to get their data backed up to the cloud on a regular basis. This backup includes most of the data from the target phone inlcuding: The call logs, contact details, all the text messages, updated location data and many more.

So, to begin the hacking, you will need the target phone’s iCloud login credentials and be sure that backup settings are enabled.  In this wat, all data will be available for download and it will be stored on your phone or computer so you can view it whenever you are ready.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it possible to hack an Android phone without physical access?

An Android phone cannot be connected to iCloud so there is no way for you to access the phone without the installation of spyware on the phone through your own hand. It means that you will need to have physical access to the target device if it runs on Android OS. 

You have two options to gain full access to every single thing on an Android device: you may choose to root the device or select a spying software that does not require rooting. Rooting can be intimidating to people who are less tech-savvy and if it is done wrongly, the OS will crash and things will get messy.

Another option is ensuring the software’s requirement does not include rooting as most software needs a phone to be rooted for full access from a remote location. This type of tool will allow you to access just about anything you want to know on the phone without rooting.

Can you hack someone’s phone with just the target device’s number?

Unfortunately, there is no way for anyone to hack into someone’s device just by using their phone number although it is definitely convenient for all if this is possible. 

Most monitoring software will usually need to be installed on the phone or you can download the backup data of the target phone from cloud storage.

Unless you are from the National Security Agency, I certainly do not think that you can access the phone by just using the phone number.

Can Someone Hack you Phone Without Touching It?

It is highly possible for someone to do the same for your phone if you have been thinking about hacking someones’ phone. Everyone is in a vulnerable position, it is really a matter of how you defend and protect yourself.

If you have the habit of storing your passwords on your devices, or you have shared your passwords with someone else, there will be a great possibility of success if these folks to hack your cell phone.

It is particularly true with avid iOs users when they keep everything in sync and use the same username and password at everwhere. You will be at a higher risk to get threatened by hackers who can remotely view what is in your device through the latest backup in your iCloud.

For this reason it’s a good idea to keep you usernames and passwords secret except from those you trust the most.  This should keep your information as safe as possible.

The ability to remotely hack someone’s phone without physical access to it is a powerful tool that allows you to keep tabs on your employees, kids, or whoever.  


At the end of the day, we understand that you might need to do this because of certain circumstances. Just bear in mind that it is possible to hack a cell phone through all the explanations we have mentioned and keeping yourself in check to not abuse these tools.

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